My Newfound Love

I made the best decision one day when I decided to close my eyes and “pull the trigger” on my first ever sewing machine, despite my lack of sewing skills at the time.  When the UPS man dropped off my sewing machine at the door a few days earlier than expected, I was ecstatic.  I left it alone for nearly a week before I even attempted to sew.  It took me five hours to get the hang of it, but once I reached that “ah-ha!” moment, I enjoyed every minute of my time with my new best friend.


Eventually I couldn’t stop sewing and planning what to sew next.  Then, I realized that I don’t love sewing… I’m obsessed.  Sewing is, by far, the most exciting thing for me to do.  Sure, there’s painting, cooking, reading, exploring the outdoors and such, but there’s something about sitting down and sewing that is so satisfyingly delightful, unlike anything else.


Hello.  My name is Ida, and I’m a sewing addict.


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