Currently obsessed with…


I couldn’t help but admire how glamorous and well-dressed Audrey Hepburn was in the movie, Paris When It Sizzles.  She looked great in any ensemble.  I particularly adore this white dress.  The silhouette is so feminine, classic, and simple.  This is something I’d like to recreate!  I wonder what material would work best…

I apologize for the low quality, I took cellphone captures of this while watching the movie!


Here’s another lovely outfit she wears in the movie:


And I wouldn’t mind it if my eyes looked like this all the time!    The eyelashes are so beautiful.



I made pillows!



Oh wow, it’s been a couple weeks since my last post.  I must have completely forgotten about blogging, what with the beginning of a new quarter (and the beginning of my last year at university, woohoo!).

I finally got around to making new pillow covers.   I know, they don’t match my couch very well, but that’s okay!  They’re a lot better than the covers I hate before, which were very… ugly.  (I didn’t pick them out, I swear!)  One was sewn with an envelope enclosure and the other with a hidden zipper.  You know, just to get my practice in with both styles. 🙂  While both are easy, I much prefer invisible zippers with pillows because you don’t have to see the mismatch of the fabric’s pattern when you fold it over for the envelope enclosure!

Funny how after taking this photo, I felt like I completely need to make over my living space!  My tastes have changed a lot since I bought these things… like… that sofa. 😐

I gave up trying to get a close up shot after my cat kept photo bombing.  She loves getting her photo taken, I suppose!



I also created a new ironing board cover.  I scored this small ironing board at the thrift store a while ago, but the existing cover, while not bad and not too stained, was just not “me.”  Hence the colorful, stripe-y pattern!

Funny story:  I was biking home with ironing board hooked onto my shoulder, and I stopped at an intersection.  A lady in a car stared at me, despite obvious car troubles with her engine coughing and hacking away.  I just thought that was ironic because she was having car troubles but she was more concerned with me and my ironing board!  Hah!  Okay, not that funny, but a story, nonetheless!  I got loads of stares as I biked across town home, though.  Didn’t bother me!



I also went to Goodwill for the first time in my life, and look what I found?  This sheep cup thing. IT’S SO ADORABLE. AND TINY.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it – maybe put in a succulent?  For now, I’m storing handmade gift tags.