Hand-Stitched Felt Doughnut Pincushions


Doughnuts are one of my favorite foods, and I don’t have a real pin cushion, so I thought some doughnut pincushions were in order!

They were really easy and fun to make. I haven’t hand-stitched many things, especially not since 7th grade, so the stitching on my very first doughnut wasn’t that great, but I soon got into the habit of creating more evenly-placed stitches. I’m quite proud, and I really like how they turned out.

Here’s how they look starting off. I just cut out three 4″ diameter circles (2 for the doughnut, 1 for the glaze) with holes about the size of a quarter. Then I began stitching all 3 layers together from the middle. Usually, I’ll have plenty of thread leftover and can finish stitching the outer perimeter of the glaze to the top layer of the doughnut.


Then, I stitch on the sprinkles in various colors. This is probably the most tedious part of this project!

Today, I worked on a doughnut with a light blue glaze.


After stitching the outer ends together with 2-3″ to spare, I like to place two pins at the “mouth” of the doughnut, to prevent the end stitches from getting distorted.


This is a good sized “mouth” for stuffing polyester fiberfill through. I like to pack the fiber in as much as possible. I was once a bit too enthusiastic in this task and ended up with a popped stitch in the middle of the doughnut. Nothing a couple stitches couldn’t fix, though! 😉

The formerly two-dimensional doughnut is now taking form!


Then, I just stitch it close and hide the knotted end inside.

And here’s the finished piece next to his sweet, felt companions!


I love how they all look together. And now I have enough pin cushions!

This chocolate one is my favorite, though. I love me a chocolate-glazed doughnut. Where can I get a job that pays me solely in doughnuts?


I’m looking forward to making these in purple and white as well. Can’t have enough doughnut pincushions, you know…

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