Who am I?

Hello.  My name is Ida.  I live in a small town in Northern California, with a year left before I complete my undergraduate career – a time which will surely be very exciting and anxiety-inducing!

I’ve created this blog to document my progress for sewing, possibly my most favorite hobby of all time.

Why sewing?

I love the idea of being able to fabricate exactly what I want.  I’ll often desire some beautifully-designed thing that’s either way too expensive, or lovely but still not quite right because of one or two details.  I used to be frustrated at not being able to find exactly what I want to wear, having to wait for some time and season when some designer or label finally produces something that meets my criteria.  The ability to sew is liberating, not to mention extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

Typically, I want a certain design of something, and I’ll rarely want more than one of it.  Being able to design and create my own garments will help cut back on my amount of purchases and time spent waiting and searching for the perfect something to pop up and fill in that one specific spot in my wardrobe.  I want to be able to control the quality, the fit, the overall look, and all the little details that matter to me.

Being able to create exactly what I want will, in the end, help meet my other goal of being a conscious consumer.  I admit, like many of us, I haven’t always created everything I wore, and I filled my closets with mass-produced cheap clothing, made by the hands of some anonymous individual(s) in some far-away part of the word.  It’s hard not to do this when you grow up in a society in which cheap and mass-produced goods are the norm.  I don’t want to contribute to such a cruel, unsustainable system any longer.  I don’t want to buy something apart, whether it’s cheap or overpriced.  I don’t want to have to think about who made my clothes and how their quality of life might be dramatically different from my own, in a bad way.

This is why I sew.


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