Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Idea

Here are a few goodies I packaged for my wonderful boyfriend as part of a care package.  I love seeing how people inexpensively package gifts for people, especially if it involves reusing things, so I thought I’d share!

Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Idea

For the items in this picture, I:

– Reused a saved pasta jar sauce for homemade pre-mixed hot cocoa (remove the label while soaking it in a bowl of warm water, and remove the sticky residue with a generous amount of acetone or nail polish remover).
– Hand made gift tags cut out myself from brown paper bags from the grocery store, drawn on with sharpies or a fine ink pen
– Used twine to tie on the labels/gift tags (you can also use ribbons!)
– Decorate the boxes and jar with polka-dotted patterned tape (you can find this at Target or any crafts store)